Maxine Mimms Academies
Program Organization Sets Goals, Encourages Adaptation
The Maxine Mimms Academies are directed by the vision of Dr. Maxine Mimms, a leader in the design and implementation of a transformative education model for underperforming students, a model that include partnerships with faith-based and public schools.

Site Partner Requirements

To be considered as an MMA partner, each school or community organization must achieve the following criteria.
  • Each site is sponsored by a community-based organization or church, or private school, and active in the lives of the families and their neighbors.
  • Each participating site is responsible for creating and maintaining a site as approved by the program director.
  • Each site is required to have a minimum of two rooms.
  • Each site has a minimum of six computers networked with a high-speed Internet connection and access to color printer and duplicating machine.
  • The site is responsible for maintaining order and safety, and are invited to actively participate in teaching and learning, as well as family services and mentoring. All site personnel having contact with students must be fingerprinted with background clearances.
  • The site is responsible for maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of equipment.
  • Sites must be open and available for use from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Parent workshops and meetings may also be held on site.
  • Instructional personnel must be certified by MMA.
State Region District Site
Washington Tacoma Tacoma Proposed: Lincoln High School
Oregon Portland TBD TBD
California San Diego TBD TBD
North Carolina TBD TBD TBD

Interested prospective sites are invited to contact the Program Director at

Maxine Mimms Academies
1423 E 29th St, Suite 311
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 722-5838

Executive Staff

The principal executive positions of GOE are:
  • Director of Planning and Development
  • Development Coordinator
  • Director of Administration
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Office Manager
  • Educational Leader
  • CPA and Accountant
Specialized staff and teachers at each location complement the core executive staff. The current staff names and contacts appear under Contacts.

A 12 member Student Advisory Board consists of Academy students

Technology Plan

In today's networked, interconnected world, a decentralized multi-site service delivery model is only effective if it is able to deploy cutting-edge technology systems in the implementation of service delivery. All intake and progress reporting will be on-line. The delivery platform will allow the database to reside on a secure Internet server, and will allow for immediate access as well as real-time reporting from anywhere in the world. Operation of this network will require effective and rapid data collection, and the ability to analyze, report, and summarize that data for immediate distribution to every member of the child's network to facilitate and advocate for on-going educational and counseling planning for each child and family. In this way, a child-centered model is created in the home, the school, the extended family, and the community, so that the entire needs of the child can be effectively met.

The database will have a browser-based front end, with permission protocols for data input by Academies staff and mentors. The database will be accessible by the student, the students' families, extended families, mentors, educational leaders, counselors, advocates, workshop leaders, and all community-based organizations. An automated reporting system will provide individually customized and user-friendly reports for all categories of users with information updated daily. Users will be able to send out group e-mails, individual e-mails, and will be able to engage in video-conferencing.