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List of Programs

  • Truth & Reconciliation Re-Entry Training
    • Drop Out Recovery Services
    • Intake/Assessment
    • Case Management
  • Academic Immersion
    • Garden of Eden: Hydroponic Technology Curriculum
    • STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math
    • College Prep and Career Path Development
    • Individually designed
    • Several Fields Of Studies
  • Indoor Hydroponic Farming
    • Training
    • Placement

Featured Program: Indoor Urban Gardening

photograph of man standing before a rotary gardening machine.
MMA board member Michael Twiggs with rotary gardening engine.
In this community agricultural initiative, students learn to grow and harvest an abundance of organic vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers every month throughout the year. In addition to supplying abundant quality food, this initiative can lead to long-term, well-paid jobs.

Urban vertical farming reduces cost associated with transportation, packaging, spoilage, pollution, water usage, soil erosion and contamination; and eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and preservatives. It is part of a new direction in food and nutrition policy that focuses on health, ecological integrity, education, training, job creation and the development of complete communities.

The program is offered in cooperation with and is managed by Garden of Eden Urban Farming.

The Academy's role in the projects is to supply training for instructors and to manage enrollment of gardening students. The curriculum is also available to organizations wishing to develop independent hydroponic gardening programs.