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Triage Program Gets News Section
The Academy's Triage program's principles have been stated before, but in our new Guidepost section we thought it appropriate to repeat them.

  • Parent understanding of how to advocate for their child’s education is the answer to a system that is unable to cope with cultural differences
  • Self-efficacy is the answer to a system of suspension and expulsion over which the child has no control.
  • The development of self-efficacy can only occur in a place of safety, an oasis of hope, where students can reflect and begin to tell new stories.
  • Self-efficacy is developed by a shift in language: “I do not go to a failing school; my school is the greatest school.” “Maxine Mimms Academies is the only solution for me because I am the solution for the world.” “I return to my school as a success because I am the solution for my school.”
  • The reality of the hip-hop culture must meet the demands of a future; the absence of hope must transcend into the ability to forgive, dream, and tell new stories.
  • Community institutions must speak a new language: the language of WASL, of standardized tests. Business owners must preach it from behind the cash register; Pastors must preach it from the pulpit; Doctors and nurses must preach it in offices and emergency rooms; police officers must preach it from squad cars.
    Parents must speak a new language: the language of zero tolerance, why my child, and WASL
  • Parents, children, community institutions must cross the cultural barriers to welcome each other, to have a conversation, to take in, to love, to forgive, to become healthy.
  • The child, the parent, the pastor, the business owner, doctor, lawyer, and governor must know that each child is valuable. Each child is good.

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