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Social Media Features Enhance MMA Site
New programs and activities are currently being added. Personal profiles, messaging and updates, will further enhance communication among teachers, students and community stakeholders of MMA.

Each enrolled student, teacher, administrator and community mentor may become members of the site. Membership comes with a personal profile, through which each member can update others on current activities.

Member profiles include links to the member's other networks, e.g., Facebook, Twitter and others, along with the member's personal website if available.

Users can look up members' profiles and send messages. They can also post "Updates" to their profile, which will echo as appropriate elsewhere on the site. Enrolled members can also comment on news articles and other content of the site, including this article (you must normally be signed in to comment, but we've opened comments on this article to the public).

Ask your teacher or an administrator about how you can participate.

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