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IFC relationship and fundraiser
MMA has invited interested supporters to a special event in support of The Indoor Farm Collaborative, with which we have formed a new relationship in support of training in indoor farming. (Details follow.)

During the event, well-known local Chefs from Cafe Campagne, Pot Pie Factory, and Art of the Table will be sharing plant based tastes that they are creating specially for the event as well as local wine pairing from Structure Cellars and Sleight of Hands. Craft non-alcoholic beverages will also be paired.

IFC started in late 2020 and provides training, education, and leadership to youth and adults in the Seattle area, while at the same time starting Community Classes in the Fall. Indoor Farming in our urban areas is important to provide healthy greens to food desserts, teaching others to grow a resilient food system, and work with other community organizations that are a part of IFC.

More information and tickets